Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crafts for the Church Bazaar

I made a God's Blessings Basket and 3 Pumpkins for the Church bazaar. The pumpkins are just oval shapes sew together and stuffed. The scarecrow is mine, it is just for the picture. Then I made a God's Blessings basket, this is great for Harvest time or to welcome new families into the Parish. I used a bottle of juice for this basket but it looks like wine.
God's Blessings Basket
Wine, so that you may never know thirst.
Bread, so that you may never know hunger.
Salt, so that you may have spice in your life
and candles to light God's way.  
The pumpkins look so cute on my scarecrow I might just have to make some more for my own house.

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