Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue Jean Christmas Tree Skirt

 I decided to make a new tree skirt for my Christmas tree this year. The old one was red with white trim, but my Christmas tree is a western theme so it was time for a change. I purchased 2 yards of blue jean material and 2 yards of red bandanna material. I made a pattern by choosing how wide I wanted the skirt, then I drew half of it on a piece of wide paper. I folded in into fourths, cut one of the fourths adding 1/2" on both sides. I wanted 1/2" of frayed edges on all sides. I sewed the stars on using a zig zag stitch, sewed the panels together and started to sew the ruffle on the bottom. I got one foot from being finished and I ran out of the red check ribbon on the ruffle, I could have cried!! So off to the store to buy a role of ribbon. I snipped the raw edges every 1/4" and added bows on each panel. Now my tree skirt matches my tree. I have rope lasso's, red bandannas, stars, frayed Christmas pom poms and a big red bow on top. There is a star up there but you can't see it, I'll have to fix that next year! 

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