Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sparkley Tights

I bought some tights for my granddaughter and decided they needed some BLING! I used a washable fabric glue, toothpick, some iron on jewels and a muffin cup to hold the glue. I stuffed the panty hose with the plastic bags you get when you buy groceries, fill to about the size of their leg. I bought the alphabet jewels at Walmart and I used a lot of them, just peel them off and flip them upside down on the table. Pour a small amount of glue on the muffin cup, dab the toothpick in the glue and then touched the glue onto the back of the jewel. Place the jewel onto the tights and with your finger just press down slightly. Hang the tights to dry. After about an hour pull on the tights in different places so the glue  won't stick to the plastic bags. These tights are washable, hang to dry.

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