Sunday, December 16, 2012

Woman's Keg Toss Champ 2012

Last year my daughter beat me, so this year I had to redeem myself. WooHoo!! I did it, Woman's Keg Toss Champ 2012. Growing up, we lived just inside Houston, Texas and 50 years ago it was the country. We had cows in the back yard and the closest people were my cousins down the road. My parents sold that house and they turned it into a parking lot and I moved out to Waller. I consider myself a country girl and country life is not easy. Once my car got stuck and I had to jack it up, put wood under it and get myself un-stuck. Almost all of my children learned to drive on a tractor. It was great and I wouldn't trade my life for anything. So, I knew I had to get momentum because the kegs are heavy, so I started to spin with it. Now they waited until I had one or two alcoholic beverages in me so when I threw the keg I went with it....tuck & roll baby, tuck & roll. So I got up, brushed off my pride and remembered Reba's song "Cow girls Don't Cry". You know I think I'll try it again next year!

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