Monday, February 25, 2013

Resurrection Biscuits

Every year for Lent, I make Resurrection biscuits to explain the empty tomb. You need 1 can of biscuits and 10 marshmallows, plus a few more just to make sure they haven't gone bad. Wash and dry every body's hand before you get started. Flatten you biscuit and place a marshmallow in the center. Fold the sides over and pinch the sides until it is completely closed. Place the biscuits on a foil covered cookie sheet for easy clean up. Pre-heat the oven following the instructions on the biscuit can, mine said 400 degrees. Some of the biscuits opened up so I pinched them close again. I baked mine according to the can 13 minutes. When the biscuits are ready there will be marshmallow oozed out but the marshmallow will no longer be inside the biscuit, let the biscuits cool completely, the melted marshmallow will stick to you and burn. Crack the biscuit open and the marshmallow will not be there just like Jesus is no longer in the cave. The Angel told the women at the cave "Do not be afraid, He is not here, He is Risen". You will see melted marshmallow but the actual marshmallow will not be there and you get the added bonus of eating the biscuit. The melted marshmallow acts as frosting in the biscuit....yum! Matthew 28 (NIV)

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