Monday, February 4, 2013

Those Rascals

We were invited to a birthday party at Laser Tag and we had a blast! You know you just have to love little kids, Paxton had a baggie full of coins but he and his cousin Bishop didn't need a dime to have fun. They played the shooting game (without coins) and were having so much fun, every time the transformers exploded they would yell. I took a picture of them and they pointed the guns at me, those little rascals! After an hour of not playing the transformer game they decided to ride the motorcycles. Again they didn't need any coins but the bikes were heavy and they had to be helped some. I would just lean the bike the way he was supposed to but after a while grandma gets tired of the games. Sometimes I didn't lean it fast enough and he would run into the stuff off of the track. It was just the simulator but he thought it was me! To bad everyone can't be this easily amused, but then again I was!

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