Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Other New Ride!!!

So me and the other bicycle were just not meant to be. The second day I took the bike for a ride the chain came off after about 10 feet. Hubby checked it out and the sprocket was loose and wiggling so we took it back to the store and got another bike. This baby has a back rack that will hold up to 20 pounds (great for maybe a picnic basket), a koozie, on the front tire fork there is a bottle opener and a small carrier on the front. I prefer a basket on the front handle bars so I will take the basket I put on the other bike, paint it brown and it will replace the small container. I find the bottle opener too funny! I find the thought of drinking and riding even funnier, I will be doing good to ride sober. I am now ready for an adventure....I'm feeling Tookish!

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