Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Live Life Outside

There is nothing like Living Outside! The sunrise, sunset, water and relaxation. Most Campers are very nice and considerate but you may come across some who aren't. This weekend was great and we had some great fellow campers, we sat back and watched kids in 68 degree water being pulled behind boats, we saw a squirrel eating someones pizza they left out on their picnic table and everyone riding bicycles.   One of the best items we have purchased for our trailer is the Steady Fast ( It connects to the landing gear and steadies the trailer. You will never completely get rid of the shake but these work great. Our trailer came with a rack on the back, great for bicycles and you have to take your bikes camping, just make sure you have lots of reflectors for night time rides and even better flashing lights! We furnished our trailer with all the kitchen items you will need so we don't have to pack and unpack the items each time, like an electric skillet and a toaster oven (I have never used the oven inside). We sleep in the trailer but most of all of our time is spent outside, this also helps the trailer stay cooler because if you turn that oven on, your trailer is gonna get hot.
We always forget something but that's OK because the Marina usually has it and at an exuberant price (1 quart of milk $4.50), I forgot my toothbrush so I am going to buy extras and they will just stay in the trailer!

Happy Camping and don't forget your tacky lights and fire wood!  

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