Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wind Screen, Tacky Lights and Fire Pit

We have learned a lot of things since we started camping but we still forget stuff every time we go. Some you do without and some you just go buy. I have a picture block in my kitchen window that reads "Together we can do anything" and it usually takes both of us to remember everything (TEAM). We have seen these wind screens being used quite often at the parks but until it was a blustery weekend we thought we would be OK without it. We have one now! It allows us to sit outside and read or just relax without getting wind whipped but it does block the fire pit on the other side of the screen so we purchased a fire pit and we can place it anywhere we want it. Don't forget your tacky lights! We take strolls just to see all of the different kinds, my favorites are the home made tacky lights. I'm thinkin about making me some with a tropical theme, maybe Christmas lights with flowers behind them. Wouldn't that be cute? I just bought some pink flamingos at the dollar store and now I just need a tropical table cloth!

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