Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tacky Camping Signs

 I just wanted to take a minute and show you some of my new tacky camping signs. I carry a pen and paper everywhere with me so if I think of a cute slogan I can write it down and some I am finding online. The last sign is from the movie RV, one of the funniest movies we own. If you have ever had a fear about your black tank, you've got to watch that movie.
The Park Ranger stopped and asked me if these were my signs
and my first
thought is....why? But she starts laughing and tells me she loves them especially the last one.  Today I am Tacky Queen, woohoo!
When we pulled into the park there is a warning sign to watch out for new deer. I got a picture of one of them this morning before he jumped into the woods and there are a lots of them.

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