Monday, July 29, 2013

That Fry Smell

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and was hit by a fry smell? The time we went looking for our very first travel trailer we found one that seemed just the right size and amount we wanted to spend. It was used but it seemed very nice on the outside. The minute I walked in the trailer I smelled that smell, yuck! We passed on that one because you had to sleep with that smell too. I decided I would never fry ANYTHING in our trailer, so I bought an electric skillet and I cook strong smelling food outside, heck, I cook most of our food outside. We have a toaster oven that is used just as much as the skillet. See that little gadget to the right, while we are camping I place the batteries in it and it sprays every 30 minutes, love it! I remove the batteries when we get home and store it for the next trip. I also love my little vacuum, it is just right for my trailer.
I have so little to vacuum I just leave the
handle off, run it across the floors and I'm done! I wish washing the mountains of clothes was that easy!

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