Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It all depends on how you look at it!

I went to the dollar store about a month ago to buy some paper lanterns, and there was this older man in front of me at the check out stand. He was counting his change over and over again to make sure he had enough to pay for his items. I reached into my purse to see what cash I had, it was two dollars in quarters, so I handed it to him. He asked me, "what is this for", and I told him "I have been very blessed". Yesterday Chuck Swindoll talked about Angels, they're everywhere, all around us, but they don't wear name tags. So then it hits me, I am looking at this situation all wrong. This was not just a "pay it forward", this wasn't an old man who needed a few extra coins, this old man is an Angel and this was a test. I did the least I could do, what I should have done is pay for all of it.
I have also realized people who don't have money don't shop at HEB, they're not going to come to me, so I need to go to them, the dollar stores are perfect places to find people in need.

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