Monday, September 15, 2014


 Father David handed out a Church wish list, and on the list was a kneeler, "Prie Deiu". I waited a week to see if anyone else would purchase or make the kneeler but no one had, so I did. There are instructions everywhere on the internet and I also went and measured the one my dad had made for my mom. On line they ran from $200.00 and up and some are very fancy but I thought they should be plain and not the focus of your attention. I used (1) 8" x 6' and (3) 6" x 6' pine boards, dark walnut stain and three coats of polyurethane, 2" foam roll and I had the material on hand. After I finished making the kneelers, we noticed they tipped easily so we added two metal holders to the front. What I should have done was extended the bottom side board 2" in front, that would have made the board 22" long and safer.
(1) 8" x 24" top
(1) 8" x 20" top front board
(1) 8" x 20" kneel board
(2) 6" x 30/31 side boards
(1) 6" x 20" shelf board
(2) 6" x 22" bottom side boards
(1) 6" x 18 1/2 kneel support

I made two and if Father David doesn't want the other one it can be placed in the Bazaar auction, win, win either way!

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