Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So Very Blessed

I am so very BLESSED!!!! I bought some beaded ornament hangers at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, so I actually paid around $1.50.
I took a 2" x 4" board, cut it to 12" long, sanded the board and stained it. I gave it one more light sanding by hand and wiped it clean. I printed and inked the edges of my paper, I took some matte Mod Podge and rubbed a thin layer on the back of the paper and placed it on the wooden block. The paper wants to wrinkle so every 15 minutes I pressed it down again until it was dry. I Mod Podged the entire block, with a very thin layer over the paper, again pressing down where it tried to wrinkle. Using a tiny nail, I made 5 holes on top about 1/2" deep. I straightened one end of the ornament hook and cut some of the top off leaving about 1/2", I put some E6000 glue on the ornament hanger and stuck it into the hole. After it dries it is ready for your favorite photos. I wanted to make some of these for Christmas but it didn't happen, OH well maybe next year!

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