Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wedding Shower Games

 We had a wedding shower for my daughter and everyone was asked to bring a little something for Amy in an unmarked bag and she had to guess who it was from. She picks up my precious little pink bag and before she opened it she said "Mom". But after looking at the bag she said "I'm afraid to open it". Inside the precious bag is a pretty white thong with a veil attached to it. I used a roll of white sparkle tulle and cut 8 pieces 12" long, I also cut 4 pieces 24" long. I scrunched the 8 pieces together and sewed them in the middle, I added the longer pieces on the back and sewed them on. I made a bow using wide white lace ribbon and sewed it onto the front. I used a piece of the ribbon and tied it all the way around the ribbon and tulle and sewed it closed. I hot glued a really cute button onto the front and a clasp onto the back so that the veil is removable. Someone commented "but you can only wear it once", that's when my niece Kelly said she wears hers all the time!
I think I'm gonna have to make me one!

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