Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Breakfast Bowl

I got this recipe from Trisha Yearwood, she called it Garth's Breakfast Bowl and it is delicious. I did change up the recipe a little, so look hers up and make it the way you would like it. 

Breakfast Bowl

2 tablespoons of butter
16 oz bag of hash browns
1 lb of Po Boys medium pork sausage
1 lb of bacon
2 or more cups of cheddar cheese
12 eggs

I placed half of the bacon on a foil lined cookie sheet and placed it in a 350 degree oven for about 12 minutes or until it was browned. I took the bacon off the cookie sheet and drained the bacon fat into a foil cupcake liner, I will freeze the fat for a later use. I placed the rest of the bacon on the cookie sheet and repeated the process. While the bacon was baking, I melted the butter in a cast iron skillet and added hash browns and cooked them until they were browned. Trisha used the tater tot crowns (see the photo). I poured the hash browns into a crock pot and tossed some cheese on top of it and set it to warm. Next I cooked the sausage until browned, I drained off most of the fat and then poured it over the hash browns, more cheese. I scrambled the eggs and poured it over the sausage, more cheese. I cut the bacon into bite size pieces and added that to the crock pot and added more cheese. Really I think I used way more than 2 cups of cheese but it was soooooo good. Trisha uses tortellini in her recipe (see photo) but I wanted to cut some of the calories..... just kidding, by looking at her photo I don't think she used enough cheese!

I will use an onion with the hash browns next time I make this recipe.
I might try the tater tot crowns but I will bake them, because it makes it easier.
I topped my portion with pico-de-gallo but I think gravy would taste good too, the possibilities are endless.

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