Sunday, May 15, 2016

Amy's Baby Shower

 We had Amy's baby shower this weekend and I was in charge of the party favors, sign in sheet and a corsage. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest and that gave me some good ideas. The first item is the party favors, it is a tea candle wrapped in tulle and a note attached, "Burn this candle on the night, when the stork has made it's flight, say a prayer to celebrate, baby Segrest arrival date". The second item is a sign in sheet, since they don't want to know the sex of the baby, I decided to make it look like a frog onesie with a touch of ribbon at the legs. The last photo is her corsage, I cut a 2" circle out of cardboard and hot glued 6" ribbons down the bottom, then I cut 4" pieces of ribbon and hot glue one side, fold and hot glue again. A big button in the center with "Mommy to be" hot glued in.
What a great party! 

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