Saturday, May 21, 2016


 I needed a stork for Amy's baby shower, so I made one out of cardboard. They were throwing away a big box at work so I grabbed it, they don't ask me why I need things any more. Hubby sprayed the bodies white, not to thick so he looks antique. I dabbed the burnt orange on and then I inked the edges. He is two sided with a wooden dowel hot glued straight up the middle. The wooden dowel sits in a 6" piece of PVC that was anchored into plaster. You can do anything with cardboard!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Amy's Baby Shower

 We had Amy's baby shower this weekend and I was in charge of the party favors, sign in sheet and a corsage. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest and that gave me some good ideas. The first item is the party favors, it is a tea candle wrapped in tulle and a note attached, "Burn this candle on the night, when the stork has made it's flight, say a prayer to celebrate, baby Segrest arrival date". The second item is a sign in sheet, since they don't want to know the sex of the baby, I decided to make it look like a frog onesie with a touch of ribbon at the legs. The last photo is her corsage, I cut a 2" circle out of cardboard and hot glued 6" ribbons down the bottom, then I cut 4" pieces of ribbon and hot glue one side, fold and hot glue again. A big button in the center with "Mommy to be" hot glued in.
What a great party! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I made these little handouts for some of the girls I teach, it has a shimmering lip gloss attached to it. I think they are so precious!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Crab and Lobster Salad

This is my lunch today, Good Friday (no meat) but lots of flavor. Right at the end of lent they closed down the Long John Silver seafood place so I am on my own. I got this recipe from a girl at work and I think you could do it so many ways.

Crab and Lobster Salad

8 oz pkg of imitation crab
8 oz pkg of imitation lobster
1 red onion finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste
2 large tablespoons of Kraft light salad dressing
3 stalk of celery

Chop up the crab, lobster, celery and onion into tiny pieces, add mayo, salt and pepper. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

I didn't have a red onion so I used a white, also I only used one stalk of celery because I am thinking of using a celery sick to put the salad on.

You could use shrimp and maybe have this on bread or a bib of lettuce.
I think a sprinkle of dry ranch dip mix would be good to.... yum

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Breakfast Bowl

I got this recipe from Trisha Yearwood, she called it Garth's Breakfast Bowl and it is delicious. I did change up the recipe a little, so look hers up and make it the way you would like it. 

Breakfast Bowl

2 tablespoons of butter
16 oz bag of hash browns
1 lb of Po Boys medium pork sausage
1 lb of bacon
2 or more cups of cheddar cheese
12 eggs

I placed half of the bacon on a foil lined cookie sheet and placed it in a 350 degree oven for about 12 minutes or until it was browned. I took the bacon off the cookie sheet and drained the bacon fat into a foil cupcake liner, I will freeze the fat for a later use. I placed the rest of the bacon on the cookie sheet and repeated the process. While the bacon was baking, I melted the butter in a cast iron skillet and added hash browns and cooked them until they were browned. Trisha used the tater tot crowns (see the photo). I poured the hash browns into a crock pot and tossed some cheese on top of it and set it to warm. Next I cooked the sausage until browned, I drained off most of the fat and then poured it over the hash browns, more cheese. I scrambled the eggs and poured it over the sausage, more cheese. I cut the bacon into bite size pieces and added that to the crock pot and added more cheese. Really I think I used way more than 2 cups of cheese but it was soooooo good. Trisha uses tortellini in her recipe (see photo) but I wanted to cut some of the calories..... just kidding, by looking at her photo I don't think she used enough cheese!

I will use an onion with the hash browns next time I make this recipe.
I might try the tater tot crowns but I will bake them, because it makes it easier.
I topped my portion with pico-de-gallo but I think gravy would taste good too, the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


I found this recipe at and have changed it around to suit my taste. I make a bowl of this almost every week because it is so easy. There are no tomatoes in this recipe but they were on the counter and they looked good in the photo.
Make this recipe a day in advance to give the slaw time to absorb the flavor.

Val's Coleslaw

1/2 onion finely chopped
1/3 cup of Kraft Salad dressing Light
1/2 T of white wine vinegar
2 T of lemon juice
1 tea of sugar
1/2 tea of garlic salt
1/8 tea of pepper
16 oz bag of 3 color coleslaw mix

Mix the first 7 ingredients in a bowl and give it a taste test and adjust the ingredients now. Add the packaged coleslaw and stir.

I told you it was easy.
Remember to make this a day in advance.
I ran out of white wine vinegar and tried cider vinegar but it wasn't the same taste. but I ate it anyway. I have also tried red wine vinegar, still not the same. Looks like I'll have to go into the city to get the white wine vinegar.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Enchilada Rice Casserole

Enchilada Rice Casserole

I got this recipe from JOCOOKS and I made a few changes, I used ground turkey instead of chicken and it was so good!!!!

1 pound of ground turkey (3 chicken breast)
2 cups of instant rice
20 oz of El Paso Enchilada Sauce
2 cubes of Knorr Caldo de Tomate bouillon
11 oz kernel corn (drained)
2 cups of Pepper Jack Cheese

Pre-heat oven to 305 degrees.
Brown the turkey and drain. Add the Old El Paso sauce to the pan, using the same can, fill it with water and add the water to the pan. Add the rice and bouillon, bring it to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 8 minutes. Add the corn and 1 cup of the cheese, stir until well blended. Pour mixture into a 13 x 9 pan, top with the remaining cheese and bake for 20 minutes.

Next time I make it I will put the chicken and enchilada sauce in a crock pot and cook it while I'm at work. Remove the chicken from the pot, shred the chicken, put it back in the pot and add cooked rice, corn, bouillon and cheese. Let it cook for about 15 more minutes.

The recipe called for 1 cup of Monterey Jack Cheese and 1 cup of white cheddar cheese, I decided to add Pepper Jack for a little spice.