Monday, February 8, 2010

Blue Jean Apron

What do you do with those old jeans? You can send them to a Women's shelter or you can make an adorable apron. I don't like to waste good jeans for crafts but occasionally my craftiness gets the better of me. I think even the younger girls will appreciate this apron. I cut the jeans below the zipper and at the sides making sure I cut the side seam off because it would be hard to sew through. The pocket was sewn into the side seam so I zig-zagged the sides and bottom. It will fray slightly but that adds to the cuteness. Then using a straight stitch I added the lace and ribbons. The waist band has a string of beads that I had to hand stitch on. Then I just added two 32" side ties and there you have it, a blue jean apron. I ran out of iron on rhinestones or I would have added some to the pocket openings. Machine wash on delicate and hang to dry.

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