Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rah Rah Sisters

These are just some of the photos from the St. John's Women Retreat. Holly's parents own a home near the Frio River in Concan Texas and so graciously let us borrow it for our retreat. Many, Many Thanks go out to her parents. No children, no spouses, no cell phones just women bonding, a break from our fast paced, crazy lives. We read the first two chapters of the Sister Circle Handbook, and decided to stop there so we could reread the first two chapters with the sister's at church who couldn't attend the retreat. We found ourselves to bits and pieces of every character, good and bad. We decided to pick a name for ourselves but we would have to wait until something snazzy came to us or until God whispered into our ears. Sure enough Laurie blurted it out and it stuck, God works in mysterious ways. You can go to and see more on the book or learn how to start your own Sister Circle. There are four other books and I hope to read them all. The Lord has touched my very soul and I will serve him all the days of my life.
Yes, There are hills in Texas!!! 

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