Monday, May 3, 2010

Most Likely To.....

This is my last child to graduate (out of six). Woo Hoo, time to party, there is no empty nest syndrome here. She's a Texas Scholar and she loves Basketball. She has played basketball since she was a little girl, from the Waller Hoopers to Waller Ballers and Waller High School Bulldogs. After all of the games I've seen I still don't understand the game, but she loves it. She plays hard too, I think she's been injured at least once every year. When she was young she wore glasses and wanted to get contacts but I thought she was too young and would not keep up with them until during one game she collided with another player and her glasses sliced her eye brow open (she didn't brake her glasses). They stitched her up and you can't even see the scar, she is a very blessed child and she knows it. Well this year we made it all the way through the basketball season and no accident, even her friends were shocked, until Friday. We were supposed to go camping but it looked pretty bad Friday so we decided to stay home and I'm glad we did. I got that dreaded call from the School, you know that call were you feel immediate panic but hold it together, Sam might have broken her ankle. Off the top of your head how many doctors have an x-ray machine in their office and are open evenings and weekends? I don't know any so we put her in the truck and off to the emergency room. It was packed and they told be they would probably get to her about midnight so we go back home and search for a Urgent Care Clinic, open Saturday. We found one and we were there when they opened at 9am. Yea, it's only sprained but she will be on crutches for a few weeks, how do you think that prom dress will look with crutches? The Awards Banquet, the Athletic Banquet and then there's Graduation. I will carry her across that stage if I have too. Most likely to get injured, that's my girl, Sam.

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