Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alivia's 50's Skirt

My niece Alivia needs a 50's skirt for school so I headed to Hobby Lobby for some hot pink felt but they didn't have any so My sister had to go into Houston to pick some up for me. I took some black cotton and ironed on some heat bond, it makes the material into an iron on. I drew the dog and cut him out. I cut out some black felt pieces for his hair and used the heat bond to attach it to the cotton. I ironed the poodle onto the skirt and the zig-zagged around the entire poodle. I added a pearl collar and black studded leash. I had an old pattern that I used to make the skirt. It will be to long and my sister will have to cut some off of the bottom. Since it is felt it wont unravel but she will have to hand wash and lay flat to dry. She might have to wear a petti skirt underneath to make it fluffy.

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