Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Fun and Elf Fun

Do people have fun with their children anymore? I want to get on my soap box and say "yes" people should have fun with their children. For birthdays take a dab window writer and write "Happy Birthday" with their name and age on your car windows. The kids will smile and die of embarrassment, but they will love it. Other parents are too busy to even try to do win! Christmas Elves write all sorts of things on car windows...naughty and nice. Run crepe papers streamers all over their room before you wake them up on their birthday, this is also something a Christmas Elf might do. For Valentines day run crepe paper streamers from the door (mark each with a different name, even one for your husband) all over the house in different directions to a hidden treasure. You could do this for St. Patrick's day or an Elf might do this for Christmas. Plan ahead, if you lose electric cook on your grill, maybe grilled pizza. Have Italian night, the Hoffart's have Hoffartino night (I love that one). Celebrate special days, I believe there is a National holiday for every day of the year, pick a few and have fun!

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