Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walking the Trails

Some people might call this hiking but this Texas Gurl just likes to walk the trails. I think of hiking as a set destination in a certain amount of time, so I take my sweet time and stop to smell the wild flowers God has put in my path. My trails are pretty and well taken care of except for the trash some inconsiderate people leave behind, this makes me mad!!! My trails take me deep into the forest, (not really) you can see the road almost the entire time you are on the trail. I came upon this cute little bridge and then I noticed through the brush another bridge on the other side. They are so cute and I imagine water runs under them once a year, other than that we are in a drought. They remove most of the fallen trees but then you have the trees that grow right in the middle of your path. In the third
photo you can see the deer on the left side of the picture back in the woods. As I walk along the trails they have benches so you can sit and rest or take in the beauty. Some trees have grown side ways and you have to duck to pass them. The trail sign says no bicycles but you can clearly see bicycles have made it down the trails, I feel sorry for the cyclist who turns the corner and this tree is hanging
across the path...bam!! But there is another cute bridge just past this tree. This walk took approximately one hour and when the trail does get more into the thicker woods there is no breeze, whoo it can get hot. I came upon some tree vines and I imagine someone could swing on these and if I had a little buddy with me we would have tried it but I think I'll wait this time. These trails are so cute, even the trail
sign is hand painted with some bluebonnets painted on the post. I took a hat, a bottle of water and my cell phone in case I try something like swinging from a vine, falling and breaking something (my pride). It is a good idea to have a hat that has a rope so when you get hot you can take it off and hang it down my back and not have to carry it. If you look at the last picture you will see a feather I found on the
trail. Now I know I'm not supposed to leave or take anything in nature...Leave it like it is, but I needed this feather for another project. This would be a great scout project, walk the trails and pick up all of the trash left behind or just a good deed...Pass It On. What a beautiful walk...My Cup Runneth Over!       

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