Monday, July 16, 2012

Fish Stamp

I took a piece of craft foam and cut the shape of a 10" fish. I had bought some carving tools to use on my clay projects and they worked perfectly on the foam. I use the tools to cut and scoop out pieces of clay but with the foam I used the tools to cut only. The tools are sharp, I didn't cut all the way through but I used a lot of pressure. I have
one tool that is a half moon and I just pressed the shape into the fish. If you look at the print I made you can see the shapes just fine. I thought I would have to carve the shapes open but foam does NOT carve. I used the straight edge tool to slice the fins and face line. I used Tulip Slick paint for the test, it is made for clothing. I think this would make a cute camping shirt with fish all over it. Here, fishy, fishy!

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