Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tooth Fairy Instructions

I give the parents a gift bag with the Tooth Fairy kit inside it and the following instructions. Some parents don't like lying to their children. I just think they won't be young for long, so don't make them grow up faster than they need to. And whats wrong with make believe. If you ask my grown children today if they still believe in Santa Claus they will tell you yes and I agree.

Your child is about to be visited by the Tooth Fairy. Just before your child’s 4th birthday you will receive a tooth fairy kit. It includes a note, fairy pouch with tooth charm, toothbrush and tooth paste. Place the pouch where they will find it but not out in the open (drawer, under pillow, behind door). When the Tooth Fairy visits she leaves fairy dust (glitter) for a more magical feel. Read the note to your child. The main point is for your child to keep their teeth clean so the fairies will come back for them when lose them. Hopefully this will help them want to brush their teeth. Reread the poem when they fuss about brushing their teeth. Place the tooth in the pouch and the Tooth Fairy will leave gifts from the fairies. The fairies leave unique gifts such as 1$ coins or 2$ bills. Search the Dollar store for small gifts (magical fairy gifts), and stock up before you need them.

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