Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tooth Fairy Kit

There are so many kids in the family I decided to come up with a Tooth Fairy Kit. It includes a tooth pouch and charm, note, tag, toothbrush and toothpaste. I bought the bags in bulk off the internet and I made a tooth charm from white Shrinky Dink and beads. I took a tooth template and enlarged it to about 3 1/2" tall, punched a hole on the side and then placed it in the toaster oven to shrink. You can cut the Shrinky Dink sheet with scissors and when you shrink it it becomes a hard plastic. I used a jump ring to hold the charms and beads. Make sure you punch the hole before you shrink it or you will have to drill it. The tag has the childs name on it a picture of little fairies. This is the inside of the card:

When the Tooth Fairy hears your getting old enough to lose a tooth, she plans a trip to visit you. She checks her fairy map and finds your house. She sprinkles on some magic fairy dust and with her magic wand she gives it a tap. She gives you a fairy pouch to place your tooth into when it falls out and a new toothbrush. She takes your healthy clean teeth and grinds the teeth into magic fairy dust for all of the other fairies. While you sleep, where dreams are made, let us see if we can make a trade. Keep your teeth clean and healthy and when they fall out she will leave a gift from the fairies.              The Tooth Fairy

I hope this will help the kids keep their teeth clean. I almost forgot...since the fairies make fairy dust with the teeth you need to sprinkle fairy dust (glitter) around when the fairies visit. I include a instruction sheet for the parents, please see Tooth Fairy Instruction Sheet.

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