Friday, July 9, 2010

Who Done It?

My nephew Jason had a rabbit run out in front of him and he flipped the atv he was riding and I have rounded up the suspects for him to take a look at as soon as he recovers. We didn't retrieve any Rabbit, alias Hare, alias Bunny prints at the scene of the crime and there were no witnesses. I haven't been able to question the victim yet but I have talked to the first rescue person at the scene of the crime, his brother Ryan who tried to carry him and said "Jason tore up his foot pretty bad". We will start our line up with Bugs Bunny (looking pretty smug, what is that wascally wabbit up too?), next is Brer Rabbit (he has an alibi, the Tar Baby), next Thumper (all that foot thumping could drive a person crazy), next is Roger Rabbit (framed for another crime), next the Energizer Bunny (what are the dark glasses for?), next is Rabbit (we spoke to some of the other folks in the 100 acre woods and we were told he is very organized and likes to take charge) our last suspect is the Easter Bunny(very suspicious looking fellow, I hear he had hidden talents). If anyone has any information pertaining to this crime please contact me.

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