Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi. My name is Amy and I am Val's daughter. I have always been a girly girl and that's what I am known for. Recently I met a Louisiana man and moved over there to see where things go. Now I knew I was dating a man unlike any I have dated before. A real man's man, Crocodile Dundee would be a good description. Since I have moved I have traded my gym time (the extra 9 lbs is proof) for a trip to the woods to shoot skeet, my tanning time (my vampire like skin is proof) for a trip to the marsh to hunt hogs, and my trip to get my nails done (my man-like-nails are proof) for duck hunting. It has been a culture shock to say the least. But I love it and wouldn't change it for anything! With that disclosure, let me get to the main story. Men like it when you tell them what you want for holidays. No thinking involved...just the way they are on a daily basis. Christmas comes around and I give him the option of a sewing desk or a ring I had been eyeing. No big deal, easy peasy. Right? Wrong. I open my gift and guess what I see?!!!!!

A Marlin 44 magnum lever action riffle.

Well. I was surprised. A riffle for me?! I was excited and I love it. It was not what I was expecting....that weapon of mass destruction but hey, in the end I'm happy and thankful!

So Valentines is around the corner and I tell him no gifts because I am poor now. ha. The things you do for love. I thought maybe he would do something small anyways ( I was getting him a 24 pack just cause') maybe some flowers, chocolate whatever. But there was a small part of me remembering that riffle. No, I say, nothing manly on v-day right? Well the day before v-day I'm watching TV before bed and he comes and puts a box on my lap. I'm thinking what is this. I had joked a few days before at a store about an UGLY pair of boots I "wanted." Please please please don't be them I think to myself. He flicks on the lights and still the label on the outside it like a foreign language. I open the box and.................... waders!!!!!! Hmm. Talk about a surprise! Now I needed some for the marsh and again I am happy to get them. I have just come to realize no girly gifts. Ever. Which is OK with me because he is buying from the heart and that's all that matters. I will say a few days ago while walking the dog he did pick a flower for me. He is a great guy and a man's man and, well, manly gifts and all I wouldn't trade any of it! When you see the commercials for Swamp People just think of me!

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