Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day Solo Cups

I bought a package of clear Solo
cups and they are so easy to decorate. You could make a cup of cake, crumble a cupcake into the cup and pipe icing on top, easy to eat with a spoon and no mess. This week I'm making baskets for May Day. I cut a curved shape and hot glued it to the easy. For the next cup I cut flower shapes from crepe paper and using my finger I smeared Modge Podge to the cup. I placed a flower on and then smeared more Modge Podge on top of the flower. Modge Podge will seal it. When you put the Modge Podge on it, it will be white but it will dry clear. Next time I will just tear pieces of crepe paper and Modge Podge them on to give it more of a stained glass look. Add paper flowers, real flowers or maybe flower plants. Who wouldn't want to receive one of these cups?????

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