Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Boy Pages

I am working on a Baby scrapbook calendar for a soon to be little boy. The teddy bear is made from paper grocery bags. I cut them into reasonable sizes, placed them on my Cricut sheet and cut them (shabby vintage bear). I sprinkled them with water and wadded them up tightly to dry. When the pieces were dry I flattened them some, inked them and pasted them together. The next was a (Hay Ride) for October, the file was bigger than I thought so I had to cut some of the end pieces off. Next I had a page with a Popsicle stick flag but it needed something else so I added a flag steamer. The Christmas page is a moose that got tangled up in lights (X-Mas Moose), he is too cute. All of the vector files are from

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