Saturday, February 18, 2012

Outdoor Activity Guide | Life's Better Outside®

I feel the great outdoors calling me! For me it is still to cold to camp but I am already preparing for this years camping season. New tenny shoes for hiking...check, food list....check, map...working on that one. When you go on a trip this summer, pull out a map and show the kids how you're going to get to your location. Part of the fun is the preparation. Sit down as a family and make a packing list, a food list, there are plenty of places that offer family camping how to's, Bass Pro Shops and the State Parks. You don't want to take a class? It's not a class it's an adventure with your kids. Unplug your kids and become Explorers. Buy a hard plastic lined lunch kit and turn it into a first aid kit, have the kids research what should go in it. Check out the the guide below from Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Outdoor Activity Guide Life's Better Outside®

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