Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Twin Scrap Pages

 This is the last of the twin pages. I published the first set about a week ago.The first page is for December; Cookies for Santa. The second page is for March, Easter will be March 31st next year so the page is; Easter Egg Hunt. Since Easter is in March the next page is all about the boys and their big sister. I also made her a shirt with a heart and the saying "Big Sister of Twins, outnumbered. June is for Father's day so the next page is all about camping and fishing; There's no place I'd rather be than camping with my boys next to me. The last page is for the Fourth of July. I took some foam and layed it in paint and then layed it on some crumbled up grocery bags. Now if the boys decide to make an apperance in July, all of the pages will need to be moved up a month and I will have to make an August page.

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