Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creation Book

I made this travel Creation Book that you can take in the car and talk about the creation without a lot of distractions. All of these pages fit into a binder and most of the parts are movable. At the end of each it says "and God saw it was good". Have the children repeat this with you. For the 1st page remove the white felt, when you get to God separated the light from the dark have the kids place the white felt on top of the black felt, And God saw that it was good. Again, 2nd page, remove all pieces and place them back on as your read, And God saw that it was good.. REPEAT with all of the other pages. When you get to the 6th day, the butterfly covers the people. The people are naked and they do not know they are naked because they have not sinned yet. When they eat of the apple after God told them not to, then they know they are naked. On the 7th day God rested. I have included a song for them to help them learn the creation. God is Great. Have Fun and PLAY with your kids.  

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