Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dry Erase Name Tags

I saw some Chalk Name tags that I wanted but my chalk projects never look like those do, the chalk is to fat and they smudge. I did see that I could buy a chalk pen that doesn't smudge as easy as chalk and it is a fine tip, but  I would only use these a few times a year and I would imagine the chalk pen would dry out. Then I had an idea, what about dry erase tags, my dry erase marker has a fine tip and they don't smudge as easy as chalk. So I cut the shape with my Cricut, inked the edges and then laminated it with a cheap laminater I bought at Walmart. I love my laminater, I have used it millions of times and I think it was under $25.00. Trim the tags close but leave a 1/8" clear edge all the way around the tag. I used E6000 to attach them to the clothespin. Make sure the top of the clothes pin goes to the top edge of the tag so you can squeeze it without rubbing the dry erase ink off. Now I can label EVERYTHING!!! I will be labeling the food I make for Christmas, just squeeze the clothespin and place it on the lip of the bowl or dish. I can hang pictures and Christmas cards with these. Put a magnet on the back and use them as reminders on your fridge or on the visor in your car, or on your purse. You can leave love notes to your husband or good luck today on a pair of tenny shoes. The possibilities are endless!!

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