Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My New Ride

I have been walking every day after work and it is making me brave! Brave enough to buy a bicycle, I got a 26" Cranbrook Huffy and I added the basket to hold my stuff. Now I know what your thinking, that looks like a Granny bike and yes, it is and yes, I am! I think it is too stinkin cute! I brought it to work yesterday planning to ride it at the park after work. I get to the park and my tail gate of my truck won't open, I bang and bang on it but it still won't open. So I walk a few laps around the pond, pouting all the way. I get home and my dear sweet hubby takes my tail gate apart and fixes my tail gate....yea. So this afternoon I will try it again. Maybe God is trying to tell me something... Girl, you are gonna barely be able to walk the next day. I know, baby rides, but I will look so stinkin cute on my new ride. Just honk and wave when you drive by.

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