Monday, January 23, 2017

Easter Candle Holder

The Easter candle holder from Church is brass and was looking pretty bad. I tried a few different cleaners but I had no luck and the Priest was getting pretty frustrated with the looks of it. I finally decided to spray paint an old piece of metal and see how it turned out. My hubby sprayed the metal for me with some Krylon Gold paint and it looked awesome, so I asked Father if he would want me to paint it and he said yes. I brought the holder home and I knew I had to clean it first. I got some Scotchbrite and scrubbed it and it came clean and it looked almost brand new. So I decided just to put some car wax on it to keep it from tarnishing and I took it to Church. Father was very happy with the way it looked and so was I, I just hope the car wax helps it retain the brass look longer, well at least for a year.

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